Cosetex OEKO-TEX certified Silk

Cosetex OEKO-TEX certified Silk

An ongoing challenge

Cosetex, thanks to its history and experience of more than 120 years in the silk sector, has selected certified silks recognised by independent third parties, as an important guarantee for its clients and final consumers: Oeko-tex, GOTS (organic silk), GRS (recycled silk), TFashion traceability and supply chain.

Oeko-tex certifications on Cosetex silk products

Over the years Cosetex has developed its Oeko-tex certifications ensuring maximum product safety.

2014Cosetex obtained for a series of specific products made of silk, including 100% Silk T.Silk padding the Oekotex certification Class II.

2020 Cosetex, thanks to a continuous improvement and direct and indirect control of the sources of supply, of the supply chain and traceability, reached, for some products made of natural high-end silk fibre, Oekotex Class I certification.


Oekotex class I guarantees, in terms of the possible release of chemical substances, compliance with limits that are stricter than class II, meeting demands in terms of the safety and naturalness of products that come into direct contact with children.


2021/2022Cosetex planned and established collaborative relationships for the potential, but already current, attainment of the Oekotex Annex 6 certification.


 Oekotex Appendix 6 (Annex 6) is a possible subsequent step of guarantee and safety, built by a monitoring and control panel considerably more stringent than the usual, already very analytical, Annex 4 which involves a numerically higher number of substances and with considerably lower requisite limits. Appendix 6 has been implemented by  Oeko-tex for those companies involved and/or wishing to join the Greenpeace DETOX campaign.

Cosetex Silk and Oekotex certified silk


Silk is a natural fibre that encapsulates all the fundamental properties in terms of naturalness, perfect sustainability, the fight against pollution and greenhouse gases. A fibre that comes from Italian history and tradition, projected onto all-round research and innovation projects that will make it the material of the future.

 The sustainable silk of Cosetex certified Oeko-tex

Cosetex Oekotex certified silk enhances the naturalness of the silk fibre involving various production areas: from agriculture, zootechnics, industry, to marketing .The certified silk of Cosetex manages to reconcile numerous protocols and certification rules created specifically for those fibres (especially synthetic and artificial), which do not in their DNA and in the production system characteristics of safety and naturalness. In many cases these protocols are so difficult to adapt to natural fibres, such as silk, that they suggest that decisions were taken a priori to deliberately exclude them from certification.

The work and the project of Cosetex certified silk has made it possible to bring the natural fibre in silk to the level of control, traceability, laboratory analysis of the “best synthetic fibres“, with the no small specificity that Silk is 100% nature, which releases only nature in the environment, it is the sustainability of an entire system, it is an absolute level of performance, it is free from plastic microfibres and fully respectful of humans and the environment.