Gots certified Silk of Cosetex

certificazione gots seta biologica

Gots certified Silk of Cosetex

The importance of certification for biologically sourced silk

Silk is a material, a natural fibre which is made from a cocoon which is in turn made by a moth — Lepidoptera — which feeds itself only on mulberry leaves or similar plants.

Certificazione tessuti biologici

  • Silk production is highly sustainable and has a very low impact in terms of use of natural resources.
  • Silk is a combination of natural proteins which by definition are ecological, recyclable and reusable
  • Silk does not pollute the environment once it is released into the environment, and does not release plastic microfibres [find out more]

Why obtain GOTS certificates

Simply because we believe in silk, we believe in the raw material that we have known for more than three generations (cosetex Story). We deal with it on a daily basis, and we know all about its productive, chemical and physical characteristics. We learned to discover its hidden aspects, and use our imagination to make its exceptional characteristics serve our customers.

Simply because we are convinced that silk will be a fibre and a material whose various applications, even outside the textile world, will accompany people in the coming years, increasing our well-being and the quality of life.

Gots is the certification that Cosetex has chosen because we believe in silk

Simply because simply because we do not give up. With a little arrogance, which does not come from ourselves, but from the qualities we find in silk, we do not give up even if every single day we see so much of pure marketing in this field. Some materials do not possess 0.01% of the amazing features of silk and are still advertised as quality materials for new generations.

Certificazione tessuti biologiciSilk slivers certified by GOTS, silk yarn certified by GOTS, silk waste certified by GOTS, all represent the best that the nature, with the respectful intervention of mankind, was able to create for us in more than 8000 years of history.

Gots is a respected international protocol that guarantees the biological provenance the textile products. It traces the complete production cycle, from collection until final labeling of the raw material, and particularly emphasizes the need to comply with the social responsibility criteria

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