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Cosetex headquarters

Our main storage and distribution hub

Una nuova visione a 360°

Given exceptional structural properties of silk, as well as its mechanical, biological, thermophysiological, chemical and physical qualities, it is not merely a fibre, but truly the material of the future. This understanding, together with the company’s traditions and history, made Cosetex try and come up with a new comprehensive vision.

With this philosophy in mind, the Cosetex headquarters — which has been our main storage and distribution hub since the late 1970s — was renovated to be a modern and safe space where innovative research projects could thrive. At the same time, the company retains the focus on the existing product and ensures that sufficient resources are allocated for its elaboration.

What makes our headquarters special

  • Designated spaces for offices, R&D department, a sampling lab and small specialized showrooms;
  • New testing machinery, prototypes, a modernized department of logistics and storage and innovative processing all allow for a better and more flexible workflow.
  • Project “Zero emissions”: a state-of-the-art structure which makes provision for ventilated insulation, a solar power system and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Enforcing corporate social responsibility, respecting workers’ rights and adhering to the guidelines and criteria of important certifications;
  • A thorough and insightful architectural study of the building structure allowed to merge the best of our tradition and groundbreaking endeavors for the future of the industry.


Inspired by the old photographs which we found in the archives we reintroduced the traditional triangular apertures which had been so common in old silk mills in our region. For this purpose we chose to coat the building with Cor-ten, a type of structural steel which delivers a unique rusty finish while allowing controlled corrosion.

Cor-ten is a material with exceptional weathering resistance which protects the structures against the elements. It lives and transforms, as time goes by — just like silk does — and offers a nuanced color palette.

The headquarters premises include one more building, recognisable by its gray hi-tech look. It houses offices, labs and spaces for R&D teams and remind us of the future which is already present.

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