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More than 120 years of experience in the contest of the silk

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Silvio Mandelli, assisted by his brother Giovanni, continued the family business established by his father Emilio and his uncle. Besides producing and selling wine, the two brothers also started collecting discontinuous silk materials from local reeling mills in northern Brianza and Bergamo (Italy) as well as in the Milan area. After an initial selection process, they carefully controlled and prepared the materials before reselling them on the market.

After more than a century, thanks to the meticulous work of Silvio’s sons

Giovanni and Erminio, and now in its third generation, our company, and has focused on promoting, consolidating and innovating our commercial relations and production activities in Italy and especially abroad.

Our goal is to encourage the use of discontinuous silk fiber in many different fields, besides the customary and always important textile industry, through the creation of networks and structures for studying, providing information about and promoting the outstanding features of this wonderful fiber.

Some historical documents of Cosetex


  • More than 120 years of experience in silk, which has allowed us to become a supplier of the most important international textile groups;
  • Careful selection of the finest raw materials and semi-finished products through our historical and continuous monitoring of the best supply sources;
  • A direct relationship with clients for sharing our know-how and experience with silk fiber, a consulting approach and high percentage of customized materials;
  • A specific division dedicated to managing incoming and outgoing samples, to provide an accurate characterization of the batch, defining possible areas of use;
  • Ongoing development that allows us, through the formulation new types of materials and a renewal of older articles, to expand our knowledge about the fiber through the cooperation of leading research institutes and experimental stations;
  • Constant updating of the database of the articles produced, which creates a close link between present and past, creating the bases for representing past fashion trends from a modern perspective;
  • A dense network of partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers of other natural and synthetic fibers, in addition to direct activities on the market, which guarantees a widespread offer of semi-finished silk blends;
  • Immediate supply available: from 5 to 10,000 kg for each article;
  • An innovative line of materials is accompanied by the OEKOTEX 100 certification;
  • Structural and operative flexibility, which has led to the creation of specific divisions for creating, implementing and promoting discontinuous silk fiber for use in markets that are not strictly “silk dedicated
  • The processing on the fiber are made internally under a strict control from Cosetex, in order to limit any discrepancies and possible pollution by external fibers;
  • An innovative line of materials constantly monitored in the supply chain, accompanied by a traceability certification;
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