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“Appreciated since ancient times for its unique characteristics, silk is a fiber that has become even more valuable today thanks to Cosetex and its innovative technologies.”


A comprehensive look at COSETEX silk

Cosetex’s origins date back to the late nineteenth century. The company developed specific know-how in treatment of discontinuous silk fibre and built an extensive and profitable network in such a way that it became a reference point for projects that use silk fiber in spinning and in textiles in general.

The remarkable level of services is further enhanced by virtue of a strict quality control of the goods at the origin which is the result of the lasting international partnerships.

A traceable supply chain, diversified service stock across the country and readiness to provide competent advice to the customers just add to this list.

Cosetex complies with the highest standards in the textile industry which is acknowledged by a number of certifications.

Each of them (Tracciabilità, Oekotex, Global recycle standard, Gots, Cruelty free) covers a particular product line and together they confirm that the company’s silk fibre, manufacturing processes and supply chains are fully eco-sustainable

Developing innovative projects

Cosetex is part of an ambitious project which aims to promote a new way of perceiving silk.

To many people silk embodies luxury and fashion. However, its exceptional structural and mechanical properties, as well as the thermophysiological, chemical, physical and biological qualities should make us realize that is not just a fibre. It is, above all, the material of the future which has a potential to be used in numerous areas.

A kind of silk you would never imagine” is the motto that drives the vision for Cosetex 4.0. Curiosity and boldness of the company’s approach to business and its determination to explore new markets and products are rooted in its history and traditions. It is on a mission to create an incubator where new paradigms for silk production could be developed.

Cosetex is proud to be known as a research and development centre which brings new ideas to the market and strives to make the world a more sustainable place.


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