The silk of Cosetex and T.Silk products on Material Bank products and Cosetex on Material bank

The silk of Cosetex and T.Silk products on Material Bank

… online on the most important platform for professionals 

The silk of Cosetex and T.Silk  products are now available on the Material Bank platform. As was the case a few years ago with MaterialconneXion, Cosetex’s Silk research and innovation and T.Silk products have been selected by Material Bank®, for the new innovative project that will lead to the establishment of the largest platform of specific materials and products for industry, architecture and design.

Material Bank

material bank

Thanks to the integration of a state-of-the-art web platform with a physical/organisational/logistical structure for the collection, classification and cataloguing of samples from member companies, it will be possible, in zero time and with a considerable reduction in greenhouse gas and CO2 impact, to evaluate, choose, research and select, by accredited professionals and entrepreneurs, all those products necessary for the growth of their business or that of their customers. 

Material Bank, founded in 2019 by Adam J. Sandow, former owner of MaterialConnexion and trade publications such as Interior Design and Metropolis, went from an initial start-up to becoming North America’s largest material bank in a short space of time (7400 square metres at its Memphis Tennesee location), named by Business Inside as Top Hottest Proptech Startup and by Forbes as Best Startup Employers.

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The development programme has brought it to more than 500 companies and 100,000 registered professionals, including interior designers, architects, engineers, buyers, and product managers of the most important groups. Currently based in Boca Raton Florida over 35,000 square metres near the Memphis International Airport Hub

The global development project foresees new openings in Europe and Japan. Material Bank’s European hub, based at the Charle de Gaules airport in Paris and active since early April, already has numerous items in stock (over 200 brands with a careful selection of each member architect). In a short space of time, it aims to reach more than 100 producers and 15,000 registered members


Cosetex e T.Silk

silk Cosetex T.Silk

The silk of Cosetex, T.Silk patented padding and innovative 100% silk-based products for the bed system can be comfortably selected and analysed by a wide range of professional figures.

Cosetex will remain true to its vision of Silk as a material of the future. A fibre to be promoted and protected against fast fashion, focusing on made to order, timeless products with a distinct “Made in Italy” quality level