Cosetex at Domotex with its innovative silk carpet

Cosetex a domotex tappeti in seta



Cosetex in collaboration with Materially participates in Domotex, Insight section where this year Italy is the protagonist as the first guest country. The “Sky in a room” is the name of the project which sees the innovation and craftsmanship of Cosetex as the protagonist in a scenographic installation where the protagonist is the exclusive silk carpet created and designed by a network and a 100% Made in Italy supply chain which starts from the cocoon to get to the finished product


domotex tappeti

Domotex is the most important global trade fair dedicated to the carpet and flooring industry. It is held in Hannover from 11 to 14 January 2024 and is now in its 34th edition with 1300 exhibiting companies representing more than 130 nations

Domotex Insight Section

domotex 2024 insight Italia

After the forced breaks caused by the Covid pandemic, Domotex has decided to focus its particular attention every year on a country that is hosted in order to shed light on different trends, design and local innovations

The reason for the insight formula is explained by Sonia Wedell-Castellano (Global director Domotex Events) “Have you ever wondered why a material, a design or a given product is well received in one country but does not find favor in others? Our Insight formula aims to get to the bottom of these questions, allowing you to get to know a country carefully.”

Domotex Insight Section Italy 2024

The first edition of insight will be dedicated to Italy on a total area of 600 square meters in pavilions 2 and 22.

Domotex Insight Italia

Insight Italy wants to draw attention to the importance of research and rediscovery of optimal materials for interior design, capable of enhancing the know-how and creativity of the Italian supply chain, showing Italy’s contribution in relation to the theme of carpets and of sustainable flooring

Cosetex protagonist of Insight Italia 2024 – The Sky in a room
materially cosetex

materially cosetex

Materially bases its history and its birth on the successful history of MateriaConnexion Italia present on Italian territory as a licensee of MaterialConnexion Inc since 2002. MaterialConnexion USA was one of the first and innovative independent consultancy companies that created a physical database by selecting materials more innovative.

Dal 2020 Materially è una società indipendente divenuta in breve tempo un punto di riferimento nel mondo della ricerca e valorizzazione di materiali adatti a differenti ambiti di applicazione progettuale esaltando e valorizzando i valori di sostenibilità, circolarità e qualità tipici della cultura di impresa italiana attraverso la creazione di una Materioteca aggiornata con le varie evoluzioni ed innovazioni

Cosetex a Domotex

tappeto in seta

Cosetex mantiene fede alla sua filosofia che la vede focalizzata alla promozione ed alla ricerca dell’uso della seta in svariati campi al fine di esaltarne le eccezionali caratteristiche a volte troppo poco conosciute dal grande pubblico. La seta di Cosetex a Domotex come componente di un innovativo e moderno tappeto in seta.  La Seta come materiale del futuro

Scopri la Seta di Cosetex

La Seta - Il materiale del futuro
La Seta e le sue eccellenze e le sue caratteristiche

La seta di Cosetex e del suo tappeto in seta è una fibra in grado di garantire livelli di performance e di controllo qualitativo assolutamente irraggiungibili: