Certifications in the textile industry

Certifications in the textile industry

Our goal is quality, not a collection of certifications

We are convinced that silk — a raw material that we have been processing at Cosetex for more than a hundred years — is infinitely precious. We have thoroughly studied its properties and analysed how it reacts to treatment, and we have tested how it can be processed in different conditions or using different types of machinery. We faced the challenge of using a natural fibre produced by living creatures and solved related complications in production.

We have explored, verified and developed its enormous potential.

We are SILK, and we believe that that silk is and will be an invaluable fibre for the textile industry and a material of the future employed in many different sectors.

The world of fashion and the textile industry are flooded by words and messages which should evoke the connotations of responsibility, sustainability, ecology, recycling and circular economy.

Unfortunately, most of the time it is nothing but vain marketing statements. Fibres or projects are advertised as ecological and sustainable, companies claim to invent new and “innovative” ways to recycle.

In fact, many of those enterprises could be effectively held responsible for reckless exploitation of natural resources, as well as systematic destruction of flourishing natural ecosystems (whether they do it directly or indirectly). In some cases, even if a company does recycle, some of the materials used in production are still very harmful and, moreover, might remain intact for generations to come.

The variable that makes a difference and in itself contains a reason for all of the above, is the price.

Cosetex remains in the framework of a sustainable price and has adjusted its actions to the natural cycle of the world of silk and to the market demands while always seeking to take advantage of the best qualities that silk can offer.
It possesses:

  • 2016 | 2016 | Certification Oekotex Standard 100
  • 2017 | Certification for traceability of the supply chain
  • 2017 | A cruelty-free product line
  • 2018 | Certification GOTS
  • 2018 | Certification GRS

Cosetex always pursues higher quality

GOTSOur goal is quality, not a collection of certifications. One way or another, beautiful pieces of paper would not change our passion towards what we do. But we do constantly seek ways to make the natural characteristics of silk fibre stand out and enhance them. These intrinsic merits are what many others try to imitate by artificial means or marketing tricks.

Recent recognition by GOTS and GRS certifications gives us an opportunity to offer an even a higher standard of services. Our products come directly from the nature, through a system for which the only point of reference is the impeccable quality of everything we do. We have strict policies with regards to social andenvironmental sustainability, our supply chain is fully traceable, and our manufacturing processes comply with the most rigid standards.