The challenges of silk: a natural fibre and a certified organic sustainable fibre


…GOTS certification renewal

Cosetex’s annual renewal of its GOTS organic  certification  for natural silk fibre products represents an opportunity to underline the excellence of this sustainable and natural fibre  reaffirming our promise to our end consumers of our respect for the environment, the land and the ecosystem and circularity .


natural silk fibreThis year, like every year, the audit and renewal of our GOTS certification is both a challenge and an opportunity to reiterate the philosophy behind Cosetex’s natural fiber certified organic silk , reinforcing the planning that sets our company apart. A trailblazer with more than 120 years of experience in the silk industry , Cosetex believes in silk, and Cosetex does not want to see environmentally irresponsible fibres lauded as champions of sustainable fiber.


Natural organic silk fibres can be identified by their exclusive label. Its use is granted according to an analytical authorisation, selection and audit process, which ensures the organic nature of the product at every stage of production:
100% biologic silk certified of ICEA
Agricultural mulberry cultivation system (in keeping with the agricultural system and with no use of pesticides or harmful substances)
– Leaf harvest and silkworm breeding system
– Cocoon production system
– System for processing the cocoons and their by-products
– System for storage and subsequent processing
– Marketing and processing system
Full compliance with the standards of social responsibility and respect for the land and the environment must also be guaranteed and verified at each stage of production and/or marketing.


green silkWhen it comes to natural fiber organic silk products, the GOTS label guarantees that every stage of the supply chain is certified organic. Any system that does not follow these rules is pure marketing/greenwashing: labels like organic silk, green silk, eco silk, natural silk, if not backed by independent third-party certification, cannot and do not have any real meaning.
This conviction has led Cosetex to strengthen its organic certification plan for natural and sustainable silk fibres, and to maintain the strict supply chain, traceability and quality standards required by GOTS.


organic certification


Our vision and plans go even further: we want to inform the end consumers about the value of organic certification, offering both natural fibres and certified organic finished products, with the GOTS label.



Cosetex and T.Silk have come together to create the G4C (GOTS for Customers) project, offering products that are set apart by their exceptional technical performance—thanks to the natural quality and sustainability of natural silk fibres—and presented to end consumers with the GOTS label, which guarantees that they are genuine organic products.



genuine organic products