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Cosetex 2019: Important news

GOTS and GRS certification

We are convinced that silk — a raw material that we have been processing at Cosetex for more than a hundred years — is infinitely precious. We have thoroughly studied its properties and analysed how it reacts to treatment, and we have tested how it can be processed in different conditions or using different types of machinery. We faced the challenge of using a natural fibre produced by living creatures and solved related complications in production. We have explored, verified and developed its enormous potential.

We are SILK, and we believe that silk is and will be an invaluable fibre for the textile industry and a material of the future employed in many different sectors.

Knowledge-based approach and sustainability are Cosetex’s main priorities, and our primary goal is reconciling history and innovation. We strive to build a connection between traditions and the future. This attitude allowed us to obtain a range of the relevant certifications that make us stand out in the industry.

In addition to the Oekotek Standard 100 and TFashion Tracciabilità certifications and a confirmation that our products are cruelty free, Cosetex has recently received two other fundamentally important certifications that acknowledge that our products are biologically sourced and can be properly recycled.

GOTS – Global Textile Standard

GOTS Global organic textile standardGOTS is often considered the world’s highest standard for biologic fibres and offers a complete certification process. The stringent and thorough analysis is based on objectively defined parameters and its results are internationally recognized.

This certification confirms that Cosetex meets their criteria at all levels: from harvesting plants to manufacturing, from final labeling of the raw materials to being a socially responsible company.

GRS – Global Recycle Standard

GRS Global recycled standardThe objective analytical process of GRS certification affirms the importance of the “reuse&recycle” principle as the key factor for building a sustainable model of production and consumption.

It also underlines the need to reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy. Adhering to GRS guidelines, companies make sure their finished products are eco-sustainable and of high quality.

GRS also establishes criteria for environment-friendly processes, corporate social responsibility and proper working conditions.

A restyling born of the desire to improve…always

Our new website: more research about silk, more information regarding certifications in the textile industry and overall improved navigation.

We wanted to make sure our online presence corresponds to all the improvements in production processes and modernization of the Cosetex headquarters. The updated version you now see reflects our dynamic approach and includes the following sections:

  • Home
    If you only check out one page on our website, it has to be this one. Please download a brochure that provides you the most comprehensive information about Cosetex and the silk industry.
  • Innovative Silk
    Innovative Silk Latest research, new projects and products | Find out more
  • Environment
    We put together a list of specific sustainability protocols which we adhere to in order to make better products without damaging the environment | Find out more
  • Certifications
    Detailed information that makes you understand what do all the eco-labels on our products stand for, and how the certifications are awarded. Also some links for further reading.
  • News
    A new blog where you will find our news, reflections and silk industry analytics.
  • Headquarters
    We modernized our main premises and in this section you can find what really makes it special and how it helps us build a connection between traditions and the future. | Find out more

Qualità a 360 gradi

Recent recognition by GOTS and GRS certifications gives us an opportunity to offer an even a higher standard of services, and our modernized headquarters also play a role in that.

Our products come directly from the nature, through a system for which the only point of reference is the impeccable quality of everything we do. We have strict policies with regards to social and environmental sustainability, our supply chain is fully traceable, and our manufacturing processes comply with the most rigid standards.

Our vision is driven by extending traditions into the future.