Il Sole 24 Ore talks about Cosetex silk

piume naturali sintetiche eco battaglia si combatte anche nelle imbottiture

Il Sole 24 Ore talks about Cosetex silk

“Natural or synthetic feathers? The eco-battle is also fought with the paddings”

sustainable silkThe article by the journalist Chiara Beghelli published on 20 January 2020 in the Fashion section of the online newspaper il sole24ore, in search of a vocation for sustainability (read the article online) mentions in depth the activity and the philosophy of Cosetex and its T.Silk padding products.

The topic developed in the article: “Natural or synthetic feathers? The eco-battle is also fought with the paddings From recycled feathers to cashmere and silk, even synthetic fibers, “cruelty free” fashion has more proposals coming from the textile companies.

But what (really) are the most sustainable alternatives?

Regards a brief analysis of the state of the art in the field of padding, dominated by feathers and synthetic products, and in search of innovative and valid/good alternatives.

The significant limits for traceability of feathers and synthetic fibers, regarding also the performance and the levels of pollutants have generated the need for innovations towards sustainable and performing products, with a clear and real connection towards the respect for nature and to environmental pollution (production methods, pollution derived by plastic microfibres, end of life of the product), but also about the possibilities of recycling resources and materials used.

seta sostenibile sole24oreReturning to nature and to natural fibers with a high level of performance and, of course, the respect for nature. Among natural fibers, silk is the material that matches at full the concept of sustainability (what we have called the silk system) reaching performance levels unknown to modern paddings.

Chiara Beghelli’s article highlights the real alternative and solution of the T.Silk padding, the Cosetex patent born from an experience that boasts more than 100 years of history in the production of silk, and developed in the vision and vocation for innovation.

Starting from a fiber with its own exceptional innate characteristics to the creation of the material of the future.

The T.Silk padding is more than just a fiber and also:

  • A material;
  • A substance;
  • A protein formulation;
  • A laboratory of nature;

Cosetex T. Silk is a creation of nature brought to the highest levels of performance, where the peculiarities and the close connections to the natural world that is still able to preserve remain untouched.

economia tessile circolareSilk belongs to humanity for over 5000 years, a material that followed all its events while remaining faithful to itself, to its world and to its beauty.

The world of Cosetex with respect of this story, has made it a vocation.

Vocation to sustainability and to the balance of a system, a calling for a circular economy so that current needs will be not at the expense of future generations (Real sustainability).

Il sole 24 ore made news a vocation.

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