The fibre


The classic form of silk fibre is a thin, perfectly smooth cylindrical filament with no additional structures. In fact, there are no channels or even longitudinal or transverse grooves. They have a constant diameter along the entire length of the fibre. They appear as completely clean fibres.


Figure 6 – Comparative analysis of textile fibres

Silk thread is a fibre with a shiny, attractive and smooth appearance, with irregular triangular sections. The polypeptide chains in silk are entirely extended and the exterior structure appears completely smooth.

Fighting psoriasis and dermatitis

Psoriasis causes excessive dryness of the skin, which leads to intense itching and chronic dermatitis. The skin of a psoriasis patient feels hot from inflammation and rough due to the presence of dry flakes. One of the major disadvantages of the condition is itchiness resulting from contact with certain types of textiles that are particularly aggressive due to fibres having irregular conformations, with scales, deformations, and limited cohesion. For this reason, wearing clothing made of extremely smooth fibres, like silk, significantly contributes to healing and improves quality of life for people suffering from psoriasis.

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