On line T.Silk Shop

On line T.Silk Shop

The Silk you don’t expect… is here now

We have started from the bed system but we won’t stop there.

From today you can find online on T.Silk Shop the products best representing the value of well-being that only a natural fiber such as silk and the innovation of T.Silk technology can guarantee.

A world to explore and not just an E-commerce, featuring numerous sections and news about the fiber, explaining its excellence in every area and why we have gone so far as to say that Silk will be the material of the future.

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At the core there is the person, and the research for those who want to assign a value to technical performance, the well-being and health, to be in balance with the world and the nature that surrounds it.

Technology, a tool ready to respond to the requests with a keen eye on customisation possibilities.

The approach is to understand the needs of the consumer by creating a direct contact.

Silk articles T. Silk

We started from the bed system but we won’t stop there

an exclusive and innovative quilt/duvet padded with pure silk T. Silk;

Setino Topper:
a T.Silk mattress pad/Topper in pure silk;

the innovative pure natural silk padding;

Keep in touch,new products coming soon

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