Materialconnexion certifies the innovation of Cosetex Silk

material connexion

Materialconnexion certifies the innovation of Cosetex Silk

An authoritative confirmation of the innovation of Cosetex Silk

logo material connexionThe Silk T. Silk by Cosetex become part of the exclusive innovative and sustainable list of products by Material ConneXion.

Material ConneXion represents the most established, authoritative and complete consultancy network on innovative and sustainable materials worldwide. Founded in New York in 1997 by George Beylerian with the vision of creating an independent and stable observatory platform focused on innovation, directed by a board of independent experts researching and evaluating products and/or projects.

libreria prodotti tessuti innovativi material connexion

“Bridge the gap between Brands and Manufactures”

Material ConneXion promotes and support contacts and opportunities between potential users and operators standing out on the market thanks to their innovative and sustainable projects, and also their products.

Designers, multinational corporations, architecture studios, small companies and professionals have a complete consultancy service with a virtual and physical database to be used at the time of research or as a incentive and planning for new ideas:
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  • 1 million members
  • + 10 000 samples of products available in the library
  • 8 categories:
    • Polymers
    • Ceramics
    • Glass
    • Metals
    • Cements
    • Natural and Derivatives
    • Carbon-based materials
    • Production processes
  • 1 headquarters in New York
  • 7 sedi Bilbao, Bangkok, Daegu, Milano, Skove e Tokio.

Bringing innovation to you

Offering a wide range of professionals, innovative products and projects requires the presence of a serious international screening process, through a board of experts who research, select and identify products to be subjected to a rigorous technical analysis in order to determine their propensity and characteristics.

A jury of independent experts select the best qualified products monthly to be included in the library and in the database, based on their uniqueness, sustainability and innovation in the applications.